So so radšej nie

It is a good thing to say that travel by public transport Nie is Nič, Cho would have been loved. The main Bush is a prestuffed bus, and you feel that the air will fall to the ground. This is quite a good variant. In Horšom case you have the Vedľa Seba Dvoch Smraďochov. Ma'am, she's been in the morning with the parfumoms, you should come back. But the young man, the lead nevie, or the dvadsiatom of the first to cancel, Cho sa hiding under the word dezodorant, so it is already a little priveľa. At least Keby SA so shalene did not sweat, a man nevie, or Omdlie alebo sa povraclet. You're going to the end where you get out.
A little fresh air
I'm going to go see Viac pešo. And the Bush is already in the cold, and it comes the hissedy jesenné weather warmly sa clothes and idem etc. That som nebola chorá, kúpil som si functional bielizeň, Vďaka Ktorej I'm very nice and I have to raise a sweat. She chose the clothes and accessories of CRAFTU. All in all, I have a nice order from home and I have always come to poriadku.