S R.O.

A limited liability company stands on the cross-border between a capital and a personal trading company. When there is a limit on the number of companions 50, it is ideal to have partners less and thus have a larger trading interest in the company.

Deposits, which are necessary for the establishment of the company, can be folded in cash with the manager of the capital, or a bank account, which is based on the name of the deposit manager. The emergence of the company becomes the deposits of its assets and the company can freely dispose of them.

How to proceed?

For the establishment of the company, it is imperative to prove the appropriate authorisations for business, such as trade certificates, concessions, criminal records, and others. You should also carefully substantiate all property rights to the premises in which the company has placed its registered office, which is the consent of the owner or the co-owner of these premises. In this matter you will surely be helped by a qualified company that will ensure most of the necessary tasks during the establishment of the S.R.O..