Raster trend

In Slovak households there are 64 million sources. Still weigh the classic Volfrámová resources (42%), but the number in homesthe medziročne decreases. On the contrary, the economyof the types of Osvetlenia-compact Osvetlenie and LED Giro are showing a trend. In 2014, the Priemerna domesticated a few pieces of light sources and the Viac ako tri-pieces. This results from the Prieskum of the Ekolamp, the prebehol of the 1219 between respondents.
Non-economic products
One of the householders is in the Priemere 15 light sources. Non-economic tungsten from households gradually disappearing and recording of the economical LED. The wolves of the household have betrayed Celkovo 10.1 million Kusov classic light sources and 1.8 million Kusov compact Osvetleniach, purchases contain a small set of toxic Ortuti, Ktorú Treba specialized recyclable.