Even weddings can be diversify

It's finally here. You can't believe it alone, but it's really so. Your best friend is getting married and you have the chance to go for a witness. You're still at home with enthusiasm and no one can just calm you down. You are really happy and you show it. You're looking forward to planning and catching up with which you definitely plan to help your friend. It's the bride, and it's not just that. Thinking about how the wedding will look at all and what the bride chooses a dress. You think about the program and what might be in it.
It's not over when the whole hall is seized
There's a mad idea in your mind. The magician at the wedding! It's certainly not a unique thing, but it's not so often seen. You instantly call your friend's idea, which will calm you down, that it is so far for all time, but even so, your idea with a magician seems very good.