Employee evaluation is crucial today

Only thanks to this tool you will succeed in creating professional teams in which people will work together to create high performance. Every boss must be satisfied with such a condition. You weren't really interested in the subordinates before. Sometimes you complimented someone, but it wasn't very often. You also did not understand mistakes. You have not detected the strengths and weaknesses of workers. You just didn't care. After that, however, the competition started to take off and you realized you were doing something wrong.
Keep track of people pays off
You must admit that in your company it is unfortunately exactly the opposite. You are a very benevolent and tolerant boss. However, you must understand that your subordinate is abusing it extensively. Your business is not the best. You can't afford any mistakes. People are a big problem with you. Employee reviews are practically not there, so you can not wonder that people do what they want. You can't reward good deeds properly. Gross misforts and mistakes are swept under the carpet.